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The success of this type of lampshades, has led us to design more collections with different shapes and sizes. “In the variety is the taste”. Thus, we present a new collection of cords that with the existing, complete an assortment of a variety of designs where sure you will find what you are looking for. […]

The new models with similar names but very different design. The first consists of wooden cubes and the second one of tubular forms, as well its name suggests. If you bet on the naturalness, then KUBE is your model. With a wood finish you will get to create the desired atmosphere. On the other hand, […]

Art Studio is an architectural firm located in Tbilisi, Georgia. They chose one of our most successful models, MANOLO, to decorate his studio. The photo shows as how this model manages to create a special atmosphere in the environment. Do not forget that is now available in rectangular shape and in two different sizes! MANOLO is […]

This hairdresser has opted for HALLEY model designed by #OleByFm to illuminate its beauty salon. Featured by irregular geometry and its adaptability to any horizontal, vertical or inclined surface, is able to give an ultra-modern and original style to any space.

The Convention and Exhibition Center Messukeskus of Helsinki is one of the main conference centers in Northern Europe and the largest and most famous in Finland. BLOCK model from our brand #OleByFm is part of the illumination of this important center. The different models of this family make it ideal to illuminate any space with its simple […]

DNA Telecommunications Company from Finland, has chosen POLARIS to illuminate its most important área: the welcoming lobby entrance. They have combined surface ceiling lamps and suspensions that fit perfectly with the modern style of the rest of the company. Discover the different models of #POLARIS, one of the most recognized and distinguished families of our brand […]

Chef Vicente Patiño´s restaurant Saiti, located in Valencia (Spain), has chosen for the suspension version of #BANYO model to complete the design for his site. And we love the result! Color beige fits perfectly with wood, giving the restaurant an overflowing nature.

Color explosion! One of the latest news of #OleByFm brand is the chance to customize the most your lighting. We adapt to the color of your house, your space or your company. Let us be your choice in #lighting. The TRÜHVEL restaurant, located in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, is an example of the projects that […]

We have expanded the products of some existing families in response to requests and suggestions from our loyal customers and the latest trends. BANYO now has a model that consists on a wall bracket. Do not forget that now mustard and white are among the standard colors of textile cords lampshades models! Another novelty is […]

Mustard and white are trendsetters. These colors are suitable for converting anywhere in a space crowded of originality and design, giving it a unique and incomparable personality. Thus, now are part of the standard colors group of Ole! textile cords lampshades. Remember that this group has more economic prices for being the most demanded colors. […]