AVATAR ganador de German Design Award 2020

One more year, we have participated in these prestigious awards. And we are proud to announce that our model AVATAR wins German Design Award 2020 in the “WINNER” category for “Excellent Product Design”.

From the Ole! team, we couldn’t be more grateful for this recognition. If you are also an admirer of this original lighting model, you can vote for it in the Public Choice 2020 through the following link.

Fernando Martínez, head of our in-house design department, is the creator of AVATAR. Also designer of our model PEPO, winner of the German Design Award 2019 last year for “Excellent Product Design”.

AVATAR has impressed since its launch due to the novelty of its design and its high functionality. It is a PCB-LED model on aluminium profile and polycarbonate diffuser, tensioned by steel cables from end to end. It is based on the suspension from vertical or horizontal elements (from ceiling to floor, columns, walls, attic ceilings…) without vertical suspension accessories.

One of the features that make this model special is its size, being able to reach a length up to 8 meters of illuminated profile. It is a highly functional design with different display possibilities (360°) and angles. A solution for designers when they want to create unique space lay-out of light lines crossing throughout the interior.

Among its various utilities, the most useful of them is the capacity to be installed in large areas and high ceilings of difficult accessibility. In these places, where other types of lighting installations are not suitable, AVATAR turns out to be the most practical solution.

This fantastic lighting system and its unusual features, allow the creation of exceptional and architectural three-dimensional lighting installations. In this way, spaces of great visual impact can be designed.

AVATAR ganador de German Design Award 2020