BBVA offices with Ole lighting

Ole! lights up BBVA’s new offices where our cord lamps stand out.

This big refurbishment project in BBVA bank offices has been done in many cities in Spain. Now, many of them have our BANYO and KIT POP-UP string models among their lighting. A perfect example of how cord lamps can act as a corporate symbol thanks to the wide range of colours available.

Among the more than 110 colors, BBVA chose the color “Green” giving great personality and color to the space. When starting a project in offices, it is important to take care of the decoration and light of the project. It is the place where there will be direct contact with the customer, so this place has to transmit the soul of the company. This big project in BBVA bank offices aims to convey the transformation they are carrying out.

We always highlight the importance of lighting in any space, from both a decorative and functional point of view. This is because on the one hand, without light, a space cannot be perceived. On the other hand, as designers, we know that a lamp is yet another decorative element in the creation of an interior, so we have to take care of its design.

Lamparas Ole en oficinas BBVA