Colgantes POLARIS

The project of the Iglu OÜ offices in Tallinn (Estonia) was in hands of KAUSS, interior designers. The modern offices of this software development company have an open-plan space of 450 m2 divided into a lobby, four work areas and a central meeting room.

With a lot of natural light, the offices are illuminated during the hours of sunshine. But when the sun goes down, the light of our POLARIS suspensions made of white stretchable fabric, are the ones that light up the space.

The fabric allows the light to be diffused throughout the lamp, turning it into a small cloud that floats over the space, creating a pleasant and warm effect. The fabric fits perfectly to the metallic body that is covering, showing its singular structure.

In addition to these suspensions, the POLARIS family has surface ceiling lights of different sizes, wall lights and original table and floor designs. A magnificent option to complete the lighting of an interior, surrounding the room in the same light environment.

Credits: Project by Yit AS and KAUSS. Photos: Terje Ugandi.