And here we have another novelty! Of course, the protagonists are the cords. Now you can choose yourself how to combine them. We offer two options:

KIT POP – UP consisting of a KIT to group sets of lampshades with the chance to illuminate several areas of the room. The cable we provide will allow you to adjust the distribution of the lampshades, manipulating always you want the height at which each lampshades can be situated and place it in the area you want to illuminate. Available in 1, 4 or 6 cables. Lampshades not included, being these of your total choice. Choose from all our models and match as you desire colors and sizes! Let loose your imagination.

BOUQUET as his name suggest consists of a bouquet set, whose standard cords lampshade is the model DRUM – ECO 18cm. You will be able to choose how to combine the colors of the 6 screens that make up the model.

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