New POMA cord collection with zig-zag braiding

Ole! presented in the HÁBITAT fair Valencia 2019 celebrated from 17 to 20 of September, the new POMA cord collection. A set of designs which main novelty is that these are models for both exterior and interior. It has an IP64, in addition to an original handmade braid with the new zigzag style.

Our cord models have a great success for both small and large projects. Inthis way,  we decided to launch into the world of outdoor lighting with a new model of this material. We have 4 standard colours for outdoor cord (Stone, Mustard, Lithium and Green). While the standard range of colours for indoor use remains wider, having now 15 different colours, beeing eliminated Purple, and added Silver and Lithium.

The new way of braiding gives a special visual impact to the luminaire, as well as allowing more light to filter through the cords, thus bringing freshness to the environment, something important for outdoor decoration. The new POMA cord collection comes in different formats: Suspensions of 3 different sizes (Ø45, Ø60 and Ø75), wall bracket, floor lamp with irocco wooden legs and a table lamp that will bring originality to any environment.

After its great success at the fair, POMA has become an interesting option for architects, interior designers and decorators.

Find out all about this design in this link.