pantone color del año 2021

The PANTONE Color of the Year 2021 was recently announced. Ultimate Gray + Illuminating, two different colours that come together. Something that PANTONE has defined as a message of happiness and strength, an ambitious combination. A union of colours that conveys a message of strength and hope, enduring and uplifting at the same time.

In Ole Lighting, these colours choice seems to us powerful and energical. A game of lights and shadows that gives rise to unique and original proposals. As well expressed in PANTONE, it reinforces the spirit and highlights our need to be seen, to have visibility, to be recognized and for our voices to be heard.

That is why we have tested this choice of colours in one of our most original models. The new BIMBA collection was created with the idea of combining two cord colours creating lively and colorful lighting. By combining our “canary” yellow and our “lead” gray from the extensive range of special cord colours that we have, we have been able to see for ourselves that it is indeed a great combination of colours that blend perfectly.

It is undoubtedly an original and unique option that will stand out in any space and will shine by itself.