Surface Ceiling


    NEW COLLECTION of wall lights, suspensions and ceiling lights of striking design.

  • DADO

    Inspired by Cubist esthetics, this metal structure covered with white stretching fabric can be installed as a single piece or can make multiple compositions. You can aklso alternate models with light on and off.


    Spread the light through the cloud! Big size bringing brightness. Removable stretching fabric covering a round or squared metal frame.


    There is nothing nicer that creating, building up and design your own BLOCK composition for your interior requirements. Every space design you create is unique!

  • CLEO

    Linen decorated PVC lampshade with non visible structure. Warm light of traditional lampshades with innovative pyramidal design, inspired in painters canvas.

  • DRUM

    Inspiration from ethnic instruments and textile materials. Metal frame and handmade braided cord lampshade which allows a party of colours and sizes for your projects. Some models include matt opal PMMA diffuser.

  • EVAN

    This “must-have” design is one of our designs based on useful light idea and simplicity, enhancing a lighting halo with the edge shadow.


    Our “comet” design breaking symmetries with irregular angles and sides. Suitable on any surface, vertical, horizontal or sloping. Removable stretching fabric covering ametal frame.