Surface Ceiling

  • TI-ZAS

    With the extrusion of aluminium and polycarbonate, we have created these "chalk traces" with a minimalist design, very modular and versatile, iluminated with a PCB-LED. The distribution of their lines allow us multiple combinations.

  • BASS

    Our Ole! design team has always a room for the straight cubical designs. It was with our successful fabrics, and now with our star cords lampshades. Cubes are a never-ending fashion with any design concept.

  • KUBE

    Fresh and unique block structures made of plywood with a natural oak finish.


    Avant-garde design of lines with strong lumens output. Create “light forms” combining its own light stripes in different positions, as per your own interior proposal.

  • POT

    Timeless and simple fresh design. Play with compositions. Combine POTs to create interiors solutions! Metal bowls avaiable in different colors, convenient for creative compositions with several sets. satin acrylic diffuser.