New lighting concept based on the suspension from horizontal (from ceiling to floor) or vertical elements (columns, walls...).

  • RITA

    Aluminum profile 200 cm long, with triangular mobile support on the roof. Easy orientation (360º) and height regulation with bare hands.


    Spreading the light from the cloud! Big size bringing brightness. Removable stretching fabric covering a round or squared metal frame.


    There is nothing nicer that creating, building up and design your own BLOCK composition for your interior requirements.

  • LUPE

    Circular LED suspension with pmma diffuser.


    What is better than innovation? Banyo, by Hugo Tejada Studio.

  • DONA

    Personalize your light. We love playing with the colors, with the shapes, with the heights,…

  • DRUM

    Party of colours for your projects.

  • LP

    We remember with nostalgia our old music vinyl records, which inspired our designers for the creation of LP.