• NELA

    Inspired by industrial models, NELA is a handmade braided cord design on a metallic structure. The light it projects is sifted between the cords and gently illuminates any type of space.

  • TINA

    Handmade braided cord model on a metallic structure, inspired by clay jars. The light is sifted through the two layers of cord, illuminating any type of space.


    Simple design of handmade braided cord on a conical metal structure. The interior installation is based on one of our PEPO spotlights to better mark the light cone.


    Spherical model with a new design of handmade zig-zag braiding on a metallic structure. It provides a unique and innovative visual impact.

  • POMA

    New braided cord design woven with the new zig-zag style. Also available for exteriors. It is prepared for aggressive environments, with a reinforcement of the corrosion insulation of the different elements and an IP64.


    New lighting concept based on the suspension from horizontal (from ceiling to floor) or vertical elements (columns, walls...).

  • RITA

    Light axes in different configurations designed with the same aluminium profile.


    Spread the light through the cloud! Big size bringing brightness. Removable stretching fabric covering a round or squared metal frame.


    There is nothing nicer that creating, building up and design your own BLOCK composition for your interior requirements. Every space design you create is unique!