End-to-end "bridge pendant" (wall to wall, ceiling to floor, to columns...) without vertical suspension fittings.


    Hugo Tejada Studio designed BANYO, with a metal frame that creates a concept solution for the hand-made braided cord lampshade.

  • BASS

    Our Ole! design team has always a room for the straight cubical designs. It was with our successful fabrics, and now with our star cords lampshades. Cubes are a never-ending fashion with any design concept.

  • BIS

    Colourful and fresh uninhibited inspiration, allowing interior designers to modulate with shapes and play with colours. Designed by Vicente Gallega.


    There is nothing nicer that creating, building up and design your own BLOCK composition for your interior requirements. Every space design you create is unique!


    "Together it´s better." Set of 6 cord lampshades bouquet where you may combine colors personalizing any interior solution.

  • CLEO

    Linen decorated PVC lampshade with non visible structure. Warm light of traditional lampshades with innovative pyramidal design, inspired in painters canvas.


    The perfect composition of a bee-house inspired CLONE. You may propose a single piece, or multiply the connecting pieces and create never-ending solutions for any interior, personalizing each space with your own composition.