Ole! By FM


    Practical multiple-sized aluminium solutions for office and residential.


    Ole! Designers concern 2 issues when creating recessed downlights: fast installation with circular cut-out & nice design with 2 light effects and invisible fixation system.


    New lighting concept based on the suspension from horizontal (from ceiling to floor) or vertical elements (columns, walls...).


    What is better than innovation? Banyo, by Hugo Tejada Studio.

  • BASS

    Our Ole! design team has always a room for the straight cubical designs. It was with our successful fabrics, and now with our star cords lampshades. Cubes are a never-ending fashion with any design concept.

  • BIS

    Colourful and fresh uninhibited inspiration, allowing interior designers to modulate with shapes and play with colours. Designed by Vicente Gallega.


    There is nothing nicer that creating, building up and design your own BLOCK composition for your interior requirements.


    Clean designs without visible screws.


    "Together it´s better." Set of 6 cord lampshades bouquet where you may combine colors personalizing any interior solution.

  • BOX

    Natural wood with modern design. Easy to propose, easy to combine. Warm. Always in fashion.

  • CLEO

    Warm light of traditional lampshades with innovative design, by our Ole! team.


    The perfect composition of a bee-house inspired CLONE.


    Spreading the light from the cloud! Big size bringing brightness. Removable stretching fabric covering a round or squared metal frame.


    New and original way of braiding ropes. For places which require a beautiful view right under the lampshade...have a look!

  • DADO

    Inspired by Cubist esthetics, this metal structure covered with white stretching fabric can be installed as a single piece or can make multiple compositions. Models with light on and off alternating

  • DONA

    Personalize your light. We love playing with the colors, with the shapes, with the heights,…

  • DRUM

    Party of colours for your projects.


    Surface design suitable for ceiling, wall or sloping ceilings, even as reading lamp or wall-washer.

  • EVAN

    This “must-have” design is one of our designs based on useful light idea and simplicity, enhancing a lighting halo with the edge shadow.

  • FOX

    Aluminium spotlight available for either surface or track system.


    Breaking symmetries with irregular angles and sides, …our “comet” design.

  • HALO

    Rings of lights. Versatile composition as you may wish.

  • IPOT

    Plain glass, without screws or visible holding system.


    Let your imagination run away! Easy to combine never-ending options of colors, designs and sizes. Unique personal solutions for your special interior space.

  • KORA

    Audrey´s “Roman Holiday” and skirts gave our designers a vintage reminder for creating KORA. An elegant design of unequal structure with different sizes.

  • KUBE

    Fresh and unique blocks structures made of plywood with a natural oak finish. KUBE enhances design concept combined with warmth of Nature.


    Ole! designers looked for a non-polygonal shape; the fabric itself bends harmoniously to soft the space around.

  • LP

    We remember with nostalgia our old music vinyl records, which inspired our designers for the creation of LP.

  • LUPE

    Circular LED suspension with pmma diffuser.


    Ole! design team created MANOLO combining decorative & architectural inspiration in same fixture.


    Modern and vintage tastes can match together.


    Wood, always in fashion.The beauty and pureness of solid beech…without screws, without sharp edges, without artificial interferences, … just natural warm wood. Pure NATURE.


    Simplicity turns this design into a never-ending in fashion model.

  • PACO

    Useful spotlights which may be orientated with bare hands by end-users with our original simple Ole! designed device. Suitable for any space in private or public areas.

  • PEPO

    Aluminium cylinder spotlight adjustable with bare hands left+right & up+down, in order to focus the light when/where most convenient, turning spaces into useful places at anytime.


    Any problem? Low ceilings which requires a surface solution? Vertical, horizontal or sloping surfaces. We designed PLANE for practical slim solutions.


    We wanted to play with stars, and Ole! team designed POLARIS.

  • POT

    Timeless and simple fresh design. Play with compositions. Mix POTs. Combine POTs. Create interior solutions!


    Surface design suitable for ceiling, sloping ceiling or wall, even as reading lamp or wall-washer. Rotatable and tiltable.

  • RITA

    Aluminum profile 200 cm long, with triangular mobile support on the roof. Easy orientation (360º) and height regulation with bare hands.


    Surface metal structure combining colorful blooming lampshades, while playing with the heights. Metal framework and hand made braided cord lampshades.


    Useful concept for a design based on simplicity. Focus the light around, with rotating metal lampshades, with acrylic diffuser, turning all the room into an useful place. From 1 up to 6 lights.


    SLIDE design achieves a strong geometrical visual impact in any room & catches the eye view with laser cut lines which allow the light sparks to go through.

  • SNOW

    Waving surface combining peaceful feeling and innovative design. Versatile solutions.


    IP54 simple and minimalist.


    Avant-garde design of lines with strong lumens output. Create “light forms” combining its own light stripes in different positions, as per your own interior proposal.


    SWEET allows you to colouring the interior space or keeping pureness of white.

  • TANA

    There is nothing nicer that creating and designing your own TANA composition with your triangular portions.

  • TI-ZAS

    Simplicity of chalks lines light up the spaces and boards. Minimalist modular lines of light wich you can combine and join with your personal desing. Surface ceiling or suspension units with LED alu profile and acrylic diffuser.

  • TONO

    We love traditional candelabra, and bring an upside-down candelabra desing playing with the heights and lights when displaying our metal bowls with acrylic diffusers.

  • TUBE

    “Less is more”. Minimalist cylindrical structure makes simple shapes and timeless style, suitable for any space.


    Friendly funny design with unique colorful cord lampshades. Your space full of life with UKELELE.


    You design solutions… we manufacture It.