End-to-end "bridge pendant" (wall to wall, ceiling to floor, to columns...) without vertical suspension fittings.


    NEW MODEL. Individual suspension or KIT with up to 4 suspensions with manual orientation system up to 105º.


    NEW MODEL. End-to-end "bridge pendant" (wall to wall, ceiling to floor, to columns...) without vertical suspension fittings and a rotation system of 360º once installed.


    Hugo Tejada Studio designed BANYO, with a metal frame that creates a concept solution for the hand-made braided cord lampshade.

  • BASS

    Our Ole! design team has always a room for the straight cubical designs. It was with our successful fabrics, and now with our star cords lampshades. Cubes are a never-ending fashion with any design concept.


    NEW COLLECTION of wall lights, suspensions and ceiling lights of striking design.

  • BIS

    Colourful and fresh uninhibited inspiration, allowing interior designers to modulate with shapes and play with colours. Designed by Vicente Gallega.


    There is nothing nicer that creating, building up and design your own BLOCK composition for your interior requirements. Every space design you create is unique!


    "Together it´s better." Set of 6 cord lampshades bouquet where you may combine colors personalizing any interior solution.

  • CLEO

    Linen decorated PVC lampshade with non visible structure. Warm light of traditional lampshades with innovative pyramidal design, inspired in painters canvas.


    The perfect composition of a bee-house inspired CLONE. You may propose a single piece, or multiply the connecting pieces and create never-ending solutions for any interior, personalizing each space with your own composition.


    Spread the light through the cloud! Big size bringing brightness. Removable stretching fabric covering a round or squared metal frame.


    New and original way of braiding ropes. For places which require a beautiful view right under the lampshade...have a look!

  • DADO

    Inspired by Cubist esthetics, this metal structure covered with white stretching fabric can be installed as a single piece or can make multiple compositions. You can aklso alternate models with light on and off.

  • DONA

    Palm tree with five fixed arms with metallic screens that allow playing with the heights and the suspension. In addition to the pendant we have incorporated a wall light under the same concept. We also have a "DONA" version in kit that you can customize to your liking with otherlampshades.

  • DRUM

    Inspiration from ethnic instruments and textile materials. Metal frame and handmade braided cord lampshade which allows a party of colours and sizes for your projects. Some models include matt opal PMMA diffuser.


    Surface design suitable for ceiling, wall or sloping ceilings, even as reading lamp or wall-washer. Tiltable and rotatable 350º surface casting spotlight.

  • EVAN

    This “must-have” design is one of our designs based on useful light idea and simplicity, enhancing a lighting halo with the edge shadow.

  • FOX

    Aluminium spotlight available for either surface or track system.


    Our “comet” design breaking symmetries with irregular angles and sides. Suitable on any surface, vertical, horizontal or sloping. Removable stretching fabric covering ametal frame.

  • HALO

    Rings of lights. Versatile composition as you may wish.


    Let your imagination run away! Easy to combine never-ending options of colors, designs and sizes. Unique personal solutions for your special interior space.

  • KORA

    An elegant bell-shaped structure design in different sizes. Iron core and handmade braided cord in multiple colors

  • KUBE

    Fresh and unique block structures made of plywood with a natural oak finish.


    Spherical model with a new design of handmade zig-zag braiding on a metallic structure. It provides a unique and innovative visual impact.


    Design that combines decorative & architectural inspiration in same fixture. You choose to feel either the warmness of wood, or the modern matt finish in white or black, or covered with natural oak or walnut wood. Slimmest aluminium profile with acrylic diffuser and LED PCB technology.


    Modern and vintage styles can match together.


    Wood, always in fashion. The beauty and pureness of solid beech. Without screws, without sharp edges, without artificial interferences, just natural warm wood. Pure NATURE. Solid natural wood with opal glass diffuser.

  • NELA

    Inspired by industrial models, NELA is a handmade braided cord design on a metallic structure. The light it projects is sifted between the cords and gently illuminates any type of space.


    Simplicity turns this design into a never-ending in fashion model. A basic flush surface ceiling light with pmma diffuser and LED technology.

  • PACO

    Metal bowl spotlights with acrylic diffuser which you can orientate with bare hands left+right & up+down, in order to focus the light where most convenient, turning spaces into useful places at any time.

  • PEPO

    Winner of the “GERMAN DESIGN AWARD” In the category of “Excellent Product Design”. It is an aluminium cylinder spotlight adjustable with bare hands left+right & up+down, in order to focus the light when/where most convenient, turning spaces into useful places at anytime.


    Slim useful LED solution for any low space. Suitable on any surface, vertical, horizontal or sloping. Removable stretching fabric covering a metal frame.


    Play and design with stars, with different surface compositions suitable for any kind of ceiling, wall or sloping ceilings. Range including also suspension, floor & table lamps. You may combine different POLARIS, different sizes and shapes.

  • POMA

    New braided cord design woven with the new zig-zag style. Also available for exteriors. It is prepared for aggressive environments, with a reinforcement of the corrosion insulation of the different elements and an IP64.

  • POT

    Timeless and simple fresh design. Play with compositions. Combine POTs to create interiors solutions! Metal bowls avaiable in different colors, convenient for creative compositions with several sets. satin acrylic diffuser.


    Surface design suitable for ceiling, sloping ceiling or wall, even as reading lamp or wall-washer. Rotatable and tiltable.

  • RITA

    Light axes in different configurations designed with the same aluminium profile.


    Simple design of handmade braided cord on a conical metal structure. The interior installation is based on one of our PEPO spotlights to better mark the light cone.


    Suspensions with cord lampshades of cylindrical structure and a wide range of colors that project the light with style. Available as a single suspension or as a three-armed rigid suspension with three blooming lampshades of different sizes.


    Useful concept for a design based on simplicity. Focus the light around, with rotating metal lampshades, with acrylic diffuser, turning all the room into an useful place. From 1 up to 6 lights.


    Design with strong geometrical visual impact in any room. Metal lampshade with laser cut lines, which catches the eye view and allow the light sparks to go through.


    Simple and minimalist surface aluminium wall bracket, IP54 LED. Wall washer with pmma diffuser for indoors or outdoors(with covered roof).


    Avant-garde design of lines with strong lumens output. Create “light forms” combining its own light stripes in different positions, as per your own interior proposal.


    Want a candy? SWEET allows you to keep pureness of white. Suitable on any surface, vertical, horizontal or sloping. Removable stretching fabric covering ametal frame.

  • TANA

    Create and design your own personal TANA composition with your triangular portions. Make up your interior unique atmosphere! Produced in 2 sizes in order to create never-ending polygonal compositions. Suitable on any surface, vertical, horizontal or sloping.

  • TI-ZAS

    With the extrusion of aluminium and polycarbonate, we have created these "chalk traces" with a minimalist design, very modular and versatile, iluminated with a PCB-LED. The distribution of their lines allow us multiple combinations.

  • TINA

    Handmade braided cord model on a metallic structure, inspired by clay jars. The light is sifted through the two layers of cord, illuminating any type of space.

  • TONO

    A pendant design inspired by a clover, is supplied in various heights, made up of a metal shaft supporting three metal lampshades from the POT series.


    Lamp of ethnic design that with its chords gives life and chromatism to the most demanding and innovative spaces. The cords, handmade braided in a metallic structure, sift the light creating singular effects.


    You design solutions… we manufacture It.