Proyecto en restaurante

Once again, Ole Lighting worked with the professional team of Art2Go Interieurprojecten on this project at KYATCHA restaurant in Netherlands. This time, they have chosen our cord models BANYO and UKELELE which combine perfectly with the design of the Japanese restaurant.

The team of Dutch interior designers, led by Erik Remmers, trusted one more time on Ole Lighting for this magnificent project. Again, they chose our cord lamps, as they fulfil the double function of lighting and decoration. The designs made of this material filter the light in such a way that it manages to create a special atmosphere.

In addition, their multiple colour options – over 110 different colours – make them the best lighting option as they can be integrated into any type of space. A detail that the project managers do not overlook, choosing a simple colour such as beige to accompany the elegance of the restaurant’s interior.

Thus, these handmade braided cord lamps provide a wide range of options in shapes and colours for the professionals of the sector. Without forgetting that, in addition, Ole Lighting offers great flexibility when it comes to customize its products in other aspects, such as size, being able to manufacture large-format lamps.

In this way, light, shapes and materials become an ally to make us feel in tune with the environment.