Proyecto con lámparas Ole!: Lucky Apple Restaurant

Today we show you the latest project with Ole! lights in the Lucky Apple restaurant located in Waalwijk (Holland).

The project at Lucky Apple restaurant opened its doors in the past month of September. The Art2Go Interieurprojecten team, in charge of this project, in coordination with Illum Kunstlicht, trusted on Ole! for the lighting of the restaurant. They chose the cord collections CONGA and UKELELE in indigo blue. Accompanying thus, the tones of the furniture and maintaining the elegance of the space.

In this way, the Dutch restaurant becomes a cozy space. The project managers have taken care of every detail, creating a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy a pleasant dinner.

Ole! strengthens its presence in the CONTRACT channel, participating in both national and international projects in the HORECA market. We want to be the lighting solution for architects, interior designers and decorators.

Among our catalogue, we can find a wide range of lamps made of cord. These lights are one most demanded options by professionals when carrying out their projects.

This is due to the big amount of possibilities they offer. One of them, is that we have 117 cord colors. In addition, we can find different shapes and sizes of these families of lamps of this type of material.

However, the most important thing is the great degree of customization they offer. For example, the combination of several colors of cord in a single lamp or the production of designs  in XL size. This ones can reach a size of up to 2 meters in diameter or height depending on the structure of the lamp.

The project at Lucky Apple restaurant demonstrates that the managers know the importance of lighting in the design of a space. In interior design, light is an essential element to understand the environment and create the atmosphere that will be breathed in that space.