Project with XL lights

The renovation project carried out in Masia Campo Anibal by the Mercader de Indias studio also included new lighting. The XL lights that now shine in the event space were redesigned especially for the project. This is our model BANYO taken to a size of 1.5 and 2 meters in diameter.

These impressive XL lights have almost 1 kilometer of cord each, and all of them are handmade braided. From our more than 110 cord colors, they chose “stone”. A colour that blends with the space and is in line with the events that take place in the space. A soft and disguised tone that combines with any space.

Besides these great lamps in the events hall, they also chose other of our designs made of cord for the bathrooms. The models CONGA and UKELELE now illuminate the renovated bathrooms of Campo Aníbal.

Bespoke products are in increasing demand, and the lamps are no exception. Architects, decorators and interior designers are looking for something unique and different to make an impression on their projects, which is why at Ole! we adapt to the needs of our clients and are flexible in making their lighting proposals a reality. From the transformation of our lamps to large format ones, special colours or the use of other materials.

Credits: Project by Mercader de Indias. Photos by María Vicedo. Floral decoration by El Taller de Clo.